Map Your Finances: Learn the Art of Financial Mapping

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buy map your finances on AmazonInteresting anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences of investing over a forty year period. Small businesses, equities and real estate and superannuation tips for both the inexperienced and advanced investor.

Who needs Financial Planning Software?

Our financial planning software comes in several flavors. Financial Professionals, DIY Investors and Companies. It comes out-of-the-box or custom-tailored for your needs.

Financial Professionals

Accountants or Financial Advisers can smoothly transition to online servicing, rapid planning and closer client engagement.

For Advisors, Mortgage Brokers & Accountants

Excellent for multi-disciplinary practices where team members can share a client’s financial plans or work independently.

Financial Corporations

Service large numbers of clients individually, cementing long term client relationships and creating financial reports in real time.

DIY Investors

As a self-directed (DIY) investor, you can understand, plan and manage your finances to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Advice - Two Products for Financial Advisers

Clients want Financial Advice that is not overwhelming and Advisers need products that are easy to use.

Why Use Financial Planning Software?

Financial Mappers Pro, Financial Mappers Lite, or Financial Advice Online?

Financial Mappers Pro was designed for members of the Financial Services Industry –  Financial Advisers, Accountants, and Mortgage Brokers have specific needs which we added to the Pro version, using their AFSL when giving financial advice. Professionals who do not need the software can give their clients access to the Enterprise (Lite) version, To find out more view the page for Financial Professionals.  You can also view examples of our Digital SOA.

Financial Mappers Lite. Financial Mappers Lite can be upgraded to a Premium version and is designed for enterprises that want to provide clients with digital tools for cash flow modelling. No financial advice is included in the software.  Find out more about the Enterprise version.

Financial Mappers has exactly the same functionality for financial planning as Financial Mappers Pro, and is sold to the public as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription service.  No financial advice is included in the software.   Click here to learn more or click here to subscribe to our service.

Financial Advice Online is our new product developed in response to the Quality of Advice Review.  This product is designed to deliver a multi-media Fit for Purpose Advice Record. The product is a unique way to deliver financial advice, that includes an educational program and allows the client to view the results of the financial plan and generate their own reports based on the adviser’s plan.  This product is fully white-labeled and can be seamlessly integrated into any CRM. Find out more about Financial Advice Online for Australia and New Zealand.

Financial Advice Online – Integrated with open-source CRM has the same features as Advice Online, but the software is integrated with a CRM.


This tool fills a real need in the market and I would thoroughly recommend it. You can model your entire financial position, including investments and superannuation.

Graeme – 75+ years old

Financial Planner software embeds all the ATO rules for full life-cycle financial and retirement planning. I was fully prepared for efficient discussions with a financial planner and tax consultant.

Adriaan – DIY 56-65yrs old

I can now do financial modelling similar to what I used to do for clients, but at an affordable price. It’s easy to use and the technical support is good.

Dwaine – ex Financial Advisor

The software allows financial forecasting with the ability to test outcomes of a range of different monetary growth strategies. I use it personally and recommend it to my clients.

Glenda – Financial Coach

The numbers you need for the best decisions

– Affordable and Accessible –

Are You a Self Directed (DIY) Investor

who ...

  • Would love to be able to use the kind of Financial Planning Software that only Financial Advisers have had access to in the past, to add intelligence to your decisions?
  • Would love to have more certainty about your investing decisions – and whether your chosen strategy really will allow you to reach your financial objectives?
  • Loves the idea of a structured way to test your investing decisions with a Virtual Investing Plan?
  • Actively manages your own Self Managed Super Fund for asset growth and would love to create future projections to show outcomes for certain investing decisions?

Take the guesswork out of Investing and transform your investing decisions into a modelled Investing Plan. Now you have a Blueprint to follow each year!

Are you a Financial Adviser

who ...

  • Offers a cash flow modelling service to assist your client’s decision making, and is looking for an easy and effective way of communicating the modelled outcome to your clients?
  • Is frustrated with the modelling capability of your current Financial Planning Software and want something that is quicker and easier to use?
  • Wants to start adding Modelling to your business service and is looking for the best way to do this?
  • Assists your clients to invest in their Self Managed Super Fund, or manage their SMSF drawdown plan, and wants to be able to show your forecast model to enhance their decision making and understanding of your advice?

Clearly communicate your advice outcomes so that your client’s decisions are easy. Skyrocket the value of your advice and build lasting client relationships.

Are You a Mortgage Broker

who ...

  • Has a holistic investment service offering to assist clients who are serial property investors to make the best investment borrowing decisions?
  • Has a focus on educating your clients to manage their loans in order to reach their long term financial goals, and is looking for a tool to make this easier?
  • Wants to ensure that your clients borrow sustainably and appropriately for the size of their income and personal spending?
  • Works with clients who are borrowing for property as part of their SMSF investing strategy?

Add value to your service by empowering your clients to understand their entire cash flow capability, and make their decisions for their future investment borrowing

Are You an Accountant

who ...

  • Wants a quick option to deliver an SOA where limited advice is given?
  • Would love your regular tax only clients to come to meetings with a short easy to read report which clearly shows what investments strategies your clients intend to implement over the next 5-years, so you can give appropriate advice?
  • Is looking for software that either you or your client can use to create an “SMSF Investment Strategy” as required by ASIC?
  • Values being able to quickly demonstrate how their client’s SMSF is integrated into the total tax strategy – showing clearly when an SMSF owned property may need to be sold to fund the client’s pension needs?

Demonstrate how long-term tax planning can be managed to achieve maximum capital gains tax value for your client. Tax implications for SMSF and Non-SMSF Investments are calculated separately.

Are you a Financial Coach

who ...

  • Focuses on improving long-term financial behavior?
  • Facilitates clients to set and achieve financial goals largely on their own.
  • Helps clients practice new behaviors and monitors those behaviors over time?
  • Targets clients with a minimum level of financial skills and experience?

Give your clients the opportunity to practice what you are teaching them about money management.

Are You a Company

who would like to provide a free cash flow tool so that ...

  • You increase market share?
  • You add value to your service offering?
  • Clients experience increased transparency when using your products?

Your business may have complex figures that clients may want to figure out. Free financial planning software will keep your clients engaged with your website.

Do You Sell Financial Products

and want to ...

  • Keep your name in front of clients with a white-labelled product they use on a regular basis?
  • Gain competitive advantage by giving your clients access to valuable financial planning tools?
  • Expand your service offering by offering additional products?

If your clients are purchasing Financial Products, add value by giving your clients access to a 5-year financial planning tool.

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