Bespoke Financial Planning Software

We are happy to work with you to co-develop tailored software that suits your business requirements.

The main functionality of either Financial Mappers, Financial Mappers PRO, or Financial Mappers LITE (including Premium) can be tailored for your requirements after discussion and agreement by all parties.

Financial Mappers can be easily adapted for the tax, and retirement account (superannuation) requirements for most countries, so international enquiries are welcome.

We welcome conversations with parties who see value in using Financial Mappers – with a twist to suit their own business model.

Online Financial Advice to a Mass Market

Provide affordable advice to meet the needs of less affluent clients.

Financial Mappers has written the specifications for a simpler version of Financial Mappers, designed to quickly deliver a Statement of Advice to clients who currently do not require full-service advice, but rather a strategy for the next 5 to 10 years.

The aim is that client will pre-pay for the advice, with the cost based on the length of the plan.  The client completes an online Mini-Fact Find.  The adviser generates the report which is sent to the client. This is all completed within the software, using the Connect Portal, thus no emailing of sensitive data.

The company wishing to implement such a business model should have access to financial advisers to provide the advice and their own AFSL.

The company will need to pay for the development of the software and may wish to modify the recommended specifications.  This product will not be called Financial Mappers and will have a completely different layout. If required we have acquired some suitable URLs.